FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Application Notes

We have documented the answers to the most frequently asked questions to enable you to easily and quickly find answers directly.


License Model

Dongle license is not recognized in the TH SCOPE Software

Version information of the installed TH LINK / TH SCOPE product

Default password

Password Reset


Logging / trace files

The IP address of my TH LINK device is unknown

TH SCOPE can not find TH Link device

Error Message: "There is no TH LINK accessible"

Is TH LINK only accessible if TH SCOPE is in the same subnet?

TH LINK PROFIBUS (or xEPI2) Firmware Updates from earlier versions

Adobe Flash Player issues with xEPI2 / TH LINK PROFIBUS

TH LINK PROFIBUS does not support summer time

Error message “XML data format is invalid” by using TH LINK PROFIBUS

HTTP Error 503 when starting the TH SCOPE software

Error 1053 when starting TH SCOPE via Windows Services

Measurement cannot be started (dataCHECK Analyzer IE / PRO)


Elimination of transmission problems using Softing‘s PROFIBUS Tester 3

When is a quality index “good”?

The topology scan does not detect the same devices as the station scan

Problems with USB hubs

The actual layout of the field devices does not match the topology scan

My PROFIBUS Tester 4 has dropped down to the USB-socket

IFLASH failed error message at BC-600-PB start-up

PROFIBUS Tester Calibration

Is there any software update for the PROFIBUS Tester 3?

How to activate the PA option on your BC-700-PB

Oscilloscope function of BC-700-PB

Which license is activated in the BC-700-PB?


The IP address of my BC-502-PB is unknown

How do I configure multiple PROFIBUS Monitors within the same subnet on the network side?

PROFIBUS Diagnose Suite

Can I use several devices to measure the PROFIBUS system?

Where can I find the CSV export functionality?

Is it possible to run a trend test in DP and PA segment simultaneously using BC-450-PB?

I am running a trend test using BC-502-PB. Why sometimes the GUI freezes when starting the trend test?

When I am clearing the network status via context menu in project explorer, sometimes an error message is displayed.

When I am running the oscilloscope function sometimes error messages are displayed.

PB-DIAG-Suite displays in status bar strange processing lag values...

I have simultaneously connected BC-4x0-PB and BC-600-PB to PB-DIAG-Suite via USB.

When starting a trend recording the displayed logging period is not “Zero”.

When opening a frame recording my mouse pointer continues to show an hour glass.

Measurement is not possible even though the BC-700-PB is recognized correctly

The topology measurement is not displayed in the generated report

How to configure and use the trigger input?

How to use the trigger output

Signal quality measurement reports „Timeout“

Error message: error in XML document (0,0)

No access to functions for analyzing oscillograms and frames

Configuration and trace files


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