FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Application Notes

We have documented the answers to the most frequently asked questions to enable you to easily and quickly find answers directly.

PROFIBUS general

What is the layout of the PROFIBUS terminating resistor?

Pin assignment of the PROFIBUS connector

PROFIBUS Interfaces / Gateways / Driver

PROFIBUS interface is not accessible

Message in the Device Manager: 'Windows cannot find the specified file'

Where can I find the GSD files for master operation?

Where can I find the GSD files for slave operation to connect to S7 controllers?

Where can I find GSD files for ABB robots?

My PROFIBUS interface is not found in a search with the SCAN button

Which version of the PROFIBUS driver am I using?

Can I license KON-DP via USB or software key?

Is there a LabView driver for the PROFIBUS interface cards?

Is a .NET API available for PROFIBUS boards?

How to integrate the .NET PAPI to get it working in a .NET 4.0 Project

Ultrabooks have a problem with the USB power supply in battery operated mode

PROFIBUS Configurator

Changing the Slave Address with the Configurator


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